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Friday, March 31, 2006

It's good to be a winner...

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Clean after your pets...

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Finally a clean job...don't forget to duck under the coffee table...

Last Updated: Tuesday, 28 March 2006

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'Dirty bomb' material got into US

Radiation detectors are being installed at US ports of entry. A US Senate committee will demand to know how radioactive material - reportedly enough to build two dirty bombs - was carried into the US.

Get rid of a toaster...I'll give you $ 0.25, basta!

Last Updated: Tuesday, 23 November, 2004

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'Virgin Mary' toast fetches $28,000

The toast is not intended for consumption. A decade-old toasted cheese sandwich said to bear an image of the Virgin Mary has sold on the eBay auction website for $28,000.

A bar manager? Jesus, Joseph, Mary - what next?

Last Updated: Thursday, 13 January 2005

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'Christ-like' shell to go on sale

Mr Brandi says he is convinced of the resemblance. A bar manager in Switzerland has announced plans to sell an oyster shell resembling the face of Jesus Christ, according to local media.

And around its anus it had the markings: Paradise...

Last Updated: Tuesday, 31 January 2006, 19:32 GMT
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Tropical fish 'has Allah marking'

A customer has offered £10 for the fishA pet shop owner has found the markings on one of his tropical fish appear to spell the word "Allah" in Arabic.
An Asian customer spotted the markings on the astronotus ocellatus at Walker Aquatics in Waterfoot, Rawtenstall, Lancs, and offered to buy it for £10.
The customer bought the most expensive tank in the shop to house the fish, at a cost of £700.
Shop owner Tony Walker said he would honour the buyer's £10 offer but said he expected more interest in the fish.
The fish is also believed to have the word "Mohammed" in its markings on its other side.
The South American astronotus ocellatus is also known as an oscar fish.
It typically grows to about 30-40cm long, weighing about 1.5kg.

This is it - the bird flu is fucking everybody up...including the cocks...

News Front Page

Last Updated: Tuesday, 28 March 2006, 13:18 GMT 14:18 UK

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Cockerel spared after 'crowing 'Allah''
A cockerel in the Central Asian republic of Kyrgyzstan has saved itself from the pot after crowing what its owner claimed was "Allah", the Arabic word for God.

Monday, March 27, 2006

It's all up & down again...

That's right, folks - hemorrhoids can spread from your ass to your brain - as evident from many news and diligency of the world idiots...
Don't disappoint 'em...
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Great news from Awfulistan...soon they will be protesting in "We have a dream" fashion in front of the White House and Lincoln memorial...

From the BBC World news
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Afghans protest against convert

Many Afghans are not happy with the decision to dismiss the case. Several hundred people have protested in northern Afghanistan against a decision to dismiss a case against a man who converted to Christianity.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Yes, the Zero man...

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Are the train cars ready, mon guider?!

Jews in France Feel Sting as Anti-Semitism Surges Among Children of Immigrants


Published: March 26, 2006

SARCELLES, France — In working-class Parisian suburbs like this one, heavily populated by North African immigrants, the word "Jew" is now a standard epithet. It appears in graffiti on middle school walls and neighborhood playgrounds and on the tongues of the young.
"It's blacks and Arabs on one side and Jews on the other," said Sebastian Daranal, a young black man standing in the parking lot of a government-subsidized housing project with two friends.
Eight men beat the son of a rabbi here in March. Another Jew was attacked the next day.

How many heads does one needs to screw a bulb?

Sunday, 26 March 2006, from the BBC World News

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'Beheaded bodies' found in Iraq
Iraqi security forces have found 30 bodies, all of them beheaded, near the town of Baquba, reports say.

Depends how big...

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Early but not late...

One of my early GabLevage (1981) Posted by Picasa

Religions - don't they just come and go...?

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Friday, March 24, 2006

What about triplicity, quadrupility and many other infinite versions...

Last Updated: Friday, 24 March 2006, 14:18 GMT , BBC News

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US accuses Iran of Iraq duplicity

Mr Khalilzad said militia attacks are killing more than the car bombs. US Ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad has said Iran is publicly professing support for Iraq's political process while backing militias and insurgents.

Of course, who else!? Wait, maybe Madagascar?

Last Updated: Friday, 24 March 2006, from BBC World News...
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Russia 'gave Iraq intelligence'

Saddam Hussein's role proved disastrous, the report says. Russia provided Saddam Hussein with intelligence on US military moves in the opening days of the US-led invasion in 2003, a Pentagon report has said.
Russia passed the details through its Baghdad ambassador, the report said. Russia has not commented on the claim.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Nothing new in Somalignant...

Last Updated: Friday, 24 March 2006

Hundreds flee Mogadishu fighting

Somalia has been controlled by rival militias for the past 15 years. Hundreds of people have been fleeing the northern suburbs of Mogadishu after two days of heavy fighting in the Somali capital.
Doctors say at least 60 people have been killed and that the hospitals are full of injured civilians.
Residents say mortars are being used in the battle between an Islamic militia and warlords.
The warlords have accused the Islamists of sheltering foreign fighters and assassinating moderate Muslims.

You are what you drink...

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Raising from dead?

Restless GabLevage continues...
This is another one from my series The Suggested Titles Series; remember - if you don't like the title, go ahead make up your own...
A-men, A-women... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What, another Hitler and this time black?!

Traditional healer sues Hitler Hunzvi

Hunzvi: "Wanted to be loved more by the president"
By Joseph Winter in Harare

Chenjerai Hitler Hunzvi, leader of Zimbabwe's war veterans, is being sued by a traditional healer who claims that he has not paid her fees.
Sarudzai Isaya told a court that Chenjerai Hunzvi had asked her to give him charms, so that President Mugabe "could love him" and appoint him a cabinet minister.
The 36 year-old traditional healer, or ng'anga, also claims to have used her mystical powers to help Mr Hunzvi obtain bail 2 years ago, when he was in prison on charges of fraud.
Isaya went to court claiming that Hunzvi never paid her $6,000 fee they had agreed.
The war veterans' leader denies ever requesting any services from the ng'anga and says she's trying to extort money from him.
However, he did admit that she had once sprinkled water at his house and performed a ceremony which he says he did not understand.

Rather huge circumcision...but hey, someone has to do it...

Tanzania fights human skinning (from the BBC World News)

Human skin is used for witchcraft at a price of up to $9,600.
Exhibits of skin are part of Tanzania's campaign to discourage the trade in human skin at an international business fair in the capital.

These are not invented stories or sensational news - it's rather another view on how the idiots insist on believing in almost anything...except in the basic human condition: to live and let live...

You don't have to be white to be stupid or another way how to solve the problem of over-population...

Nigeria's fatal anti-bullet test

In Africa the belief in witchcraft and charms is rifeA traditional healer in Nigeria has died after an anti-bullet charm he prepared failed a potency test.
The healer, Ashi Terfa, was allegedly shot dead by a client in Benue state, during trials for his product.
The herbalist reportedly tied the charm round his neck and asked his client to shoot him to test its efficacy.
The client, Umaa Akor, has been charged with homicide since the herbalist allegedly asked to be shot at, according to police spokesman Bode Fakeye.
AFP news agency reports that the traditional healer's skull was shattered after he insisted that a gun be fired at him.
Mr Akor had reportedly sought "insurance" against bullets from the traditional healer.
Belief in witchcraft and charms thrives in Africa.
Traditional healers are widely consulted for "cures" of various ailments and magical powers to protect their clients from a wide range of misfortunes.

The idiots will not leave me alone...

Zimbabwe 'cash for mermaids' con

Across the world, stories are told of mermaids and their powers A fake Zimbabwean traditional healer has been found guilty of conning a businesswoman out of $30,000 to pay for mermaids to recover her stolen car.
The money was to have been used to import the mermaids from the UK and accommodate them in a local hotel.
Some of the money was to have been used to pay for a bull, whose genitals would supposedly help find the thief of her luxury vehicle.
Belief in animism is widespread in Zimbabwe, and across Africa.
There is a national association of traditional healers but the court found that Edina Chizema was not registered.
She had denied the charges of theft by false pretences but magistrate Sandra Nhau said she was not a credible witness.
Chizema had also asked for money to buy mobile phones to contact the mermaids and said she could solve the businesswoman's undisclosed "personal problems".
She is to be sentenced at a later date.

Strike first, ask the questions later...or is it other way around?

N. Korea Suggests It Can Strike U.S. First

SEOUL, South Korea
News News Photos Images Web North Korea suggested Tuesday it had the ability to launch a pre-emptive attack on the United States, according to the North's official news agency. A Foreign Ministry spokesman said the North had built atomic weapons to counter the U.S. nuclear threat.
"As we declared, our strong revolutionary might put in place all measures to counter possible U.S. pre-emptive strike," the spokesman said, according to the Korean Central News Agency. "Pre-emptive strike is not the monopoly of the United States."
Last week, the communist country warned that it had the right to launch a pre-emptive strike, saying it would strengthen its war footing before joint U.S. military exercises scheduled for this weekend.
The spokesman also said it would be a "wise" step for the United States to cooperate on nuclear issues with North Korea in the same way it does with India.
Earlier this month President Bush signed an accord in India that would open some of its atomic reactors to international inspections in exchange for U.S. nuclear know-how and atomic fuel.
The accord was reached even though New Delhi has not signed the international Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. North Korea has withdrawn from the treaty.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Another great news from Awfulistan...or is it this for which so many soldiers died? Eat your shoes, idiots!

Afghan on trial for Christianity (from the BBC World News)

An Afghan man is being tried in a court in the capital, Kabul, for converting from Islam to Christianity. Trial judge Ansarullah Mawlazezadah told the BBC that Mr Rahman, 41, would be asked to reconsider his conversion, which he made while working for a Christian aid group in Pakistan. "We will invite him again because the religion of Islam is one of tolerance. We will ask him if he has changed his mind. If so we will forgive him," the judge told the BBC on Monday.

But if he refused to reconvert, then his mental state would be considered first before he was dealt with under Sharia law, the judge added...

Mr Karzai's office says the president will not intervene in the case.
Observers say executing a converted Christian would be a significant precedent as a conservative interpretation of Sharia law in Afghanistan.
But it would also outrage Western nations which put Mr Karzai in power and are pouring billions of dollars into supporting the country.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Speaking of Chinese...

It must be a kind of Genghis Khan's joke...remember? Posted by Picasa

It's good to home-grew video games idiots and then sent them to the world...

Fresh news - and you have thought the idiots can't be the American boys from your neighborhood...This is why we will never accomplish anything and will only perpetuate the state of idiocy...So, let's see, we went to Iraq to bring democracy? Right? Almost...Sure, everyone tortures - in old boys democracy it works if you can get away with it; in the open market torturocracy (where a human life is not worthy a good smoke), they will send you a head of your beloved COD.
We are very mortal - even Milosevic dies and guess who pops up at his almost religous funeral - the assholes of the year Ramsey Clark, the former US attoreny general and "counsel to Mr. Milosevic" (as the NYT puts it) and, wow, the head (still on his neck) of the Russian Communist Party Gennadi A. Zyuganov - a candidate for Russia's next presidential election in 2008 - and this is what he exclaimed: "It was not death, it was murder..."
Did anyone send him a bill for the past 80 years of the Communist crimes? I guess, we are busy assessing potential future damage from the former empires such as Persian and Chinese...

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Another great news from Awfulistan and Phuckistan...

DVD role in Afghan insurgency

By Mark Dummett and Bilal Sarwary BBC News, Khost

It is only 200km (125 miles) from Kabul to Khost, but Afghanistan's capital has little control over this rugged border province.
Government officials in Kabul say well-armed fighters cross regularly from next-door Pakistan, but admit they can do little to stop them.
In remote areas, more than $5,000 (£2,865) in bounty money has been offered to local men to kill senior government workers, one administrator said.
"It is big money. It is al-Qaeda money and it is from the Gulf," he said, referring to Arab supporters of al-Qaeda.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Another mass he will join his not-maker...

Slobodan Milosevic Found Dead in His Cell

Friday, March 10, 2006

Islamo-fascists are closely followed by the brown-spot-undies commies...

As apparently visible on their recent commotions in the former (?) Eastern Europe. This picture is a poster from the 50's, portraing 2 mass murderers - 'the great uncle' Joe Stalin and the first Communist president of postwar Czechoslovakia - Klement Gottwald (occupation: carpenter; never trust carpenters; before embarking on killing not only, so called 'enemies of the state' - based on the orders from mustached Moscow - but also his best, closest friends by applying 'flexible', illegal jurisdiction ) and who came to power after carefuly orchestrated coup d'etat in 1948 (the year I was born there) with the help, guess... Right, Dzhugashvili, the man of steel, the double agent for the Czarist secret police and the Bolsheviks (occupation: student of Eastern orthodox religion, before embarking on robbing banks and businesses for Lenin). How wonderful... And you in your naivite think this is an old stuff... Remember , my dear idiots - this is history and not an application of an anti-aging cream...
Under the protection of Ras-Putin (an ex-KGB hangman who speaks good German, ach ja...), and his political-economical manipulation, i.e. gas shortage, supression of democratic opposition, limiting domestic human rights & freedoms, hiding the truth about the empire, etc. - the red idiots are again attempting to change the world according to their twisted perceptions.
And you thought only Bush is an idiot... and maybe that Ahmadinejad, the supreme idiot who also happens to be the President of atomic I-ran (but not you)...Ach, ja...
Remember: This is the idiots equall opportunity site.

A Must...(a press flash...)

While browsing through the cyberspace, I came across an incredible music video by the Army of Lovers and their song Israelism - the most hilarious take on Havana Gila I have ever heard! Go to and check their Videos on Demand - it's organized alphabetically... Even the worldwide idiots will like it...

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Try aluminum...

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Give him a lift...

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Very fresh...

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My other god is...

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This version?

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Tough decision...

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Lost and phound...

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Another separation...

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Yes, really...

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You better believe...

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Make up your...

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Always be antiseptic... (From my planned cartoon book - Pardon me, which way to hell or heaven; whatever!?)

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And the idiots are marching on...

Muslim girl dances social divide

By John Mary in Malappuram, Kerala

The family of a young Muslim girl in India's southern state of Kerala say they are being shunned by the local mosque committee (mahallu) because she is practising Indian classical dance.
VP Rubiya, 16, came first in Bharatnatyam, Kerala natanam and folk dance competitions at the recent Kerala School Festival.
She also won the dance competition at the Veeran Haji Memorial Higher Secondary School at Morayur in the Muslim-dominated district of Malappuram.
It was Rubiya's 27 points that helped her home district move up from seventh to fifth position at the state school festival.
Now she has an offer from the celebrated Indian dancer Mrinalini Sarabhai's dance academy, Darpana, her father Syed Alavikutty says.
The local mosque committee at Valluvambram, however, is not impressed by Rubiya's feats, says her father, a clerk with a travel agency.
"If she had won prizes in 'oppana' and 'mappila pattu' [traditional Muslim art forms], she would have been flooded with gifts by now. The mahallu leaders would never openly admit that it is her dance that makes them treat us as virtual outcasts," says Mr Alavikutty.
Rubiya, who started learning music and dance when she was three, is busy preparing for school examinations due next month. But she snatches time in between for stage performances at local temples.
She has no choice because stage shows help her with some extra income to support her and her parents, as well as an elder brother and a younger sister.
"My fee ranges from 1,000 to 3,000 rupees ($22 to $66). I have performed at more than 50 temples," says Rubiya.
She has been fortunate to be trained by dance gurus like RLV Anand, who has never taken a rupee from her other than what she offers as gifts.
Both he and Bharatanjali Sasi, Rubiya's Kerala natanam dance teacher, even buy her costumes for her competitions.
"I'm confident that she will bring us laurels. That's all we need," says Mr Anand, extolling the virtues of the rare find from a community that still fights shy of classical dances.
Teachers' favourite
Rubiya is the darling of her teachers and friends at the Veeran Haji high school.
"God is one. When I pay ritualistic obeisance through mudras [hand signs], I am imploring not just the Hindu gods but the supreme creator, which we call by different names," she says.
It is the Hindu worship content in the classical dances that her family says has driven a chasm between her and conservative elements in the community.
KP Raihemath, a teacher who takes her to competitions, says there is nothing un-Islamic in Bharatnatyam dance.
"If she were my own daughter, I would still do the same."
Another teacher CP Sheena says Rubiya is a role model for her peers.
A class topper and a National Cadet Corps cadet, Rubiya has already scored 30 bonus marks which would enhance her exam scores and improve her chances of joining a professional course after secondary school.
At the moment, however, a professional degree is not what she wants to do.
"I will practice and excel as a classical dancer. My ambition is to do research in dance and contribute to society in my humble way," she says.
Membership of a particular mosque committee for Muslim families depends on where they live.
"If you are not a mahallu member, the kazi [priest] will not bless your child's marriage. Worse, you are even denied a slot in the local cemetery," said Mr Alavikutty, who has also dabbled in acting with a troupe in Kerala.
'Heavy price'
Rubiya's mother Amina says she does not regret sending her daughter to dance.
"But we had to pay a heavy price. I have even survived a bout of cancer only after well-wishers sent us money for treatment. But the parish leaders ensured that all official help bypassed us," she says, wiping her tears.
"If I die today, where will my husband bury me? Would the parish endorse my daughter's marriage?"
Mohammed Unni Haji, secretary of the Valluvambram mosque committee, denies they are against Rubiya's dancing.
"We do not object to her artistic persuasions. If Rubiya and her family, living in a rented house, shift to a house on the road under our jurisdiction, we will admit them."
Local politician Nalakathu Asain says the mosque committee leaders are not speaking the truth.
"This talk about jurisdiction is an alibi. There are several families outside the Valluvambram jurisdiction that enjoy mahallu membership," he says.
Mr Alavikutty says that his cousins who live outside Valluvambram are members of the mosque committee.
But the family is not deterred by this.
"The parish doors might never open for us, but the world is not too small for the brave," he says.

Story from BBC NEWS: 2006/03/09 17:39:54 GMT© BBC MMVI


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