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Friday, December 18, 2009

Anti what? Semitism? You must be fucking kidding! It is time for Jewish Jihad...Amen!

Now, let me get straight; someone just pull up with a truck, got out a ladder, went up there and took it down, right?
Whom are they kidding?

From Times Online
December 18, 2009
Thieves steal Auschwitz's 'Arbeit macht frei' entrance sign

A gang of thieves in Poland has stolen the infamous wrought iron sign announcing that “work sets you free” that spans the main gate of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

The long, curving sign, reading “Arbeit macht frei”, was erected by the Nazis soon after the old Auschwitz barracks were converted into a labour and extermination centre in 1940. It was supposed to suggest that hard work would eventually allow inmates to walk free.

But, as Auschwitz was turned into a major hub for the Holocaust, murdering over a million people, the majority of them Jews, the sign became a mocking, cynical commentary.

“It seems that a gang of perhaps three people unscrewed the sign between three o’clock and five o’clock on Friday morning,” said the spokesman for the police in southern Poland, Dariusz Nowak. “They must have used a ladder and had a car waiting for them.”

The Jewish community in Poland and the Israel authorities expressed deep shock and dismay.

“This is very saddening,” Jaroslaw Mensfelt, the Auschwitz museum’s spokesman, said. “The thieves either didn’t know where they were or — what’s even worse — they did know but that didn’t prevent them from stealing." Police say that they are investigating all possible options. The obvious explanation seems to be that the theft was carried out by neo-Nazis.

Holocaust deniers have long targeted Auschwitz in an attempt to demonstrate that the systematic murder of Jews has been invented or exaggerated. Deniers have previously taken soil samples from the camp and made measurements in order to argue that the number of victims gassed and cremated was far smaller than claimed.

The camp museum directors have already stated that a replica has been made of the sign. The neo-Nazis could try to establish that the sign is fake and thus, by extension, claim that much of the camp is as well.

“We have already installed a replica sign over the gate,” Mr Mensfelt said. “We used it in the past when the original was being repaired. I hope the original will quickly be retrieved and the thieves caught.

“This is not only a theft, but a horrible profanation in a place where more than a million people were murdered in the biggest such site in this part of the world. It is a disgraceful act.”

There has always been a danger as Holocaust survivors and their Nazi murderers die out that the authenticity of the sites themselves would be questioned.

Auschwitz is made up primarily of red-brick buildings that formed part of Habsburgian barracks — used initially to imprison Polish political prisoners — and the wooden prisoner huts of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Birkenau was the location of the gas chambers, but both parts of the old Nazi camp are showing signs of wear and tear as many hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the site, near Cracow, every year.

The critical question has been how far to restore the buildings and the crumbling personal possessions — the spectacles for example, removed from the corpses of those gassed to death, about 80,000 shoes and 3,800 suitcases — and risk opening up the museum to charges of falsification. In all there are 155 buildings, including crematoria, and about 300 ruins on the sprawling site.

The theft could be linked to the decision this week by Germans authorities to pay half the cost of patching up the buildings. About €60 million have been earmarked by Germany’s 16 federal states and by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s federal Government. The Auschwitz-Birkenau International Memorial Foundation has appealed for a total of €120 million.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Just imagine, 3 billion Chinese setting themselves on fire...we would have cheap heat supply for another 50 years...Remember, think locally, burn globally...or other way around...whatever...
Chinese man sets himself on fire in Beijing

A Chinese man is being treated in hospital after setting himself on fire in the capital, Beijing, to protest against the demolition of his home.
The man, named by local media as Xi Xinzhu, set himself alight when a demolition crew arrived to move him out and start tearing down his home.
Analysts say the incident will add to already intense pressure to reform China's rules on forced eviction.
Last month a woman died after setting herself alight in a similar protest.
Growing anger
Xi Xinzhu suffered burns to 10% of his body, officials told the Chinese Communist Party-controlled People's Daily newspaper.
"We tried everything to raise legal questions about this demolition through normal channels, but nobody would do anything, although there are plainly problems," Xi's brother, Xi Xinqiang, told Reuters news agency.
The protest is just one of a series in a country where land is effectively controlled by the state.
The law currently allows local governments to claim land and confiscate homes for urban development projects - a system which critics say is open to abuse.
Residents often complain that the amount of compensation offered is far below the real value of their homes.
Chinese legal experts have called for major changes, and in a sign that the government may be seeking to ease public anger, officials met nine of them on Wednesday to discuss the issue.

This just in! The end of the world is nearer than you think...