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Monday, June 26, 2006

Yes, I can multiply 2...

Dear friends in fear,
Yes, it has been a long time since I had posted a new *idiocy (mind you, not caused or triggered by me) on my blog spot...Due to some unforseen cosmic circumstances, I managed to expand and grew an extra head. 2 is better than 1 and there will be more room for world-wide idiocy detection, I promise...
Have a nice double day... Posted by Picasa

Yes, a good question, Comrade Kala...and idiot like this one has invented a rifle? Who else...

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Kalashnikov backs weapons control.

There are about 100m AK-47s and variants worldwideThe inventor of the infamous AK-47 assault rifle has backed stricter gun controls as a key small arms conference gets under way on Monday in New York. Mikhail Kalashnikov said he backed UN moves to halt the illicit distribution of small arms.

'Poorly regulated'

In giving his backing to the Control Arms campaign, Mr Kalashnikov said: "When I watch TV and see small arms of the AK family in the hands of bandits, I keep asking myself: how did those people get hold of them?"

First step toward a sex change operation + send a sample to Dr. Zizmor, Clitoris Akbar!

Sweden jails circumcision father

The operation carries the risk of infection. A Swedish court has jailed a Somali man for four years for forcing his 13-year-old daughter to be circumcised.
Swedish citizen Ali Elmi Hayow, 41, held his daughter down while the operation was carried out, the court said, although he denied the charges.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Something is rotten in the state of Phuckistan...IDIOTS AKBAR!!!

Really? Now read this blitz news very carefully - just in case someone will start to tell you about "the beauty of Islam"...

Pakistanis try confronting shame of honor killing

KARACHI, Pakistan (Reuters) - Ayesha Baloch was dragged to a field, her brother-in-law held the 18-year-old down, her husband sat astride her legs and slit her upper lip and nostril with a knife.

Halt! Here goes a German convert...bomb macht frei...

Seriously, volks - read Oriana Fallaci's The Force of Reason for more exciting details about this disease called ISLAM...

Ja, meine liebe imam, mullah, sheik...

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German mother 'planned bombing'

The women used chatrooms to express their intentions. Berlin police say they have foiled a German woman's plans to travel abroad to become a suicide bomber.