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Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's good to home-grew video games idiots and then sent them to the world...

Fresh news - and you have thought the idiots can't be the American boys from your neighborhood...This is why we will never accomplish anything and will only perpetuate the state of idiocy...So, let's see, we went to Iraq to bring democracy? Right? Almost...Sure, everyone tortures - in old boys democracy it works if you can get away with it; in the open market torturocracy (where a human life is not worthy a good smoke), they will send you a head of your beloved COD.
We are very mortal - even Milosevic dies and guess who pops up at his almost religous funeral - the assholes of the year Ramsey Clark, the former US attoreny general and "counsel to Mr. Milosevic" (as the NYT puts it) and, wow, the head (still on his neck) of the Russian Communist Party Gennadi A. Zyuganov - a candidate for Russia's next presidential election in 2008 - and this is what he exclaimed: "It was not death, it was murder..."
Did anyone send him a bill for the past 80 years of the Communist crimes? I guess, we are busy assessing potential future damage from the former empires such as Persian and Chinese...

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