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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

You don't have to be white to be stupid or another way how to solve the problem of over-population...

Nigeria's fatal anti-bullet test

In Africa the belief in witchcraft and charms is rifeA traditional healer in Nigeria has died after an anti-bullet charm he prepared failed a potency test.
The healer, Ashi Terfa, was allegedly shot dead by a client in Benue state, during trials for his product.
The herbalist reportedly tied the charm round his neck and asked his client to shoot him to test its efficacy.
The client, Umaa Akor, has been charged with homicide since the herbalist allegedly asked to be shot at, according to police spokesman Bode Fakeye.
AFP news agency reports that the traditional healer's skull was shattered after he insisted that a gun be fired at him.
Mr Akor had reportedly sought "insurance" against bullets from the traditional healer.
Belief in witchcraft and charms thrives in Africa.
Traditional healers are widely consulted for "cures" of various ailments and magical powers to protect their clients from a wide range of misfortunes.


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