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Monday, November 22, 2010

Who is cutting cheese in Iran?

Apparently everybody in the government...
Get this (from The Wall Street Journal) 11/19/10
Iran's top "human-rights" official and an asshole Mohammad-Javad Larijani (why is everyone Mohammad?) gave a robust defense of his country's right to engage in the stoning of criminals and imprison lawyers viewed as threatening the stability of the Islamic Republic...
One of his comment:
Stoning means you should do a numbers of acts, by throwing the stone in a limited number, in a special way...In the eyes of some people, stoning is lesser punishment than execution because there is a chance you should survive...

Wow, what a profound, deep, loving, compassionate statement! And this idiot represent so called i-slamic republic (?) Am I in the 21st century or what?!
I say - let's all pee and do kaka on I-ran; perhaps this way we can stop them to obtain enough enriched uranium that will send us (including the atheists) closer to their maker...
Oy vey!


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