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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The Operation Tiramisu has my response to all those mother fuckitos and assholitoes out there who dare to attack me after I non-maliciously included them to my circle of friends and share my open-mindedness..

(A possible answer to all those humorless people out there…)
Gabriel A. Levicky

I’ve had it. I wanted to share with my creative friends my humorous point of view (my cartoon depicting stoning at the Ground Zero). Instead of laughing, many shed crocodile’s tears, attacking and insulting me.

It is time to rebuke all those who embraced an illusion that once one is quiet, it is a good enough solution.

I am an atheist – a person who doesn’t believe in apparition of any supreme being. I believe faith, religion, rituals, and sermons, images of deities, Heaven and Hell are fabricated inventions. Whether it is a fear of death and finite exit or simply necessity to hold on something, I don’t know.
However, I alone reserve the rights to see it my way; I am not inhibited by any restrictions or artificial contradictions, since there is nothing “out there” but the dark, cold, endless and threatening Universe.
I am also a poet and a cartoonist and I subscribe equal importance to both of these concepts. I don’t restrict myself in my writing why should I do it in my cartooning?

I don’t agree with politically correct points of view. There is no such a thing. It is a foolish attempt to stay away from many hot topics such as for example religion and its ridiculous representatives who are telling us how to live or arrogantly showing us which way to Heaven or Hell and other anti-recreational activities.

If you think that it is I who is foolish – you have the right to do so – but still read any information sources – to find out why is Moslem world in particular so screwed up. Why is very abstract Allah more important then real human life and suffering? Why are idiocy, debility, cruelty, blindness, and hate considered a kind of virtues leading to salvation?
There is no mild, medium, well-done believer, there are only recruits waiting to inflict some damage on the “godless” societies and people. Why is shedding of blood considered “the right of oppressed”? Shall I be stoned, burned, flagged, decapitated (just because in the evolution of our struggle for freedom and right to be wrong, we in the West have finally arrived to mutual agreement of imperfect peaceful coexistence)? I think all this religious demagoguery is bullshit, stinking to high non-existing heaven! Remember only fanatics breed other fanatics.

“Muslims are the first victims of Islam. Many times I have observed in my travels in the Orient, that fanaticism comes from the small number of dangerous men who maintain the others in the practice of religion by terror. To liberate the *Muslim from his religion is the best service that one can render him.”

Quote by E. Renan from the fascinating book WHY I AM NOT A MUSLIM (Prometheus Books, 2003) - by Ibn Warraq.

* Jew, Catholic, Protestant, etc.

Who gave these self-righteous, zealous fanatics the right to kill, maim, slaughter, to cut a nose or ears, throw the acid into a female face, kill your own sister ‘cause she “shamed” the family? All this in the name of some kind of benevolent big guy who is most probably shocked by the amount of violence in his name – if he cares to exist.

Someone stupid wants to build a mosque, so called cultural center next to a gravitational center of mass murder (known as Ground Zero), committed by the followers of Islam. I don’t care which one – Sufi, Sunni, Shia and many other variations of a blind faith. Someone insensitive doesn’t want to take into consideration that they are people out there who lost their beloved and friends and who do mind where and what one builds in the vicinity of a huge graveyard. It is more than an emotional issue – it is a meaningful and complex story – still in progress today while young Americans in uniform are continuing to die senselessly for the corrupt, evil gangsters on both sides.

Our recent mayor and president let themselves to be heard that they indeed support this controversial project despite fierce opposition of the majority of New Yorkers. Good for them since they won’t to be re-elected anyway. Good riddance. According to the latest polls, more than 65% of NY-ers oppose this nonsense.
You wanna have a mosque a.k.a cultural center? Sure, go to NJ or Alaska and face Mecca there…

I have equally harsh words for any faith (and their extremists) whether Jewish, Christian, UFO who dare to insult living by insulting fallen.
I exercise no diplomatic niceties or ornamental ambiguous statements nor do I care. The truth shall prevail regardless.

My position is quite clear – as an atheist, writer, and humorist, I do believe in unchained human spirit, progress and not regress, fun and not hypocrisy.
Beware of PC people who don’t have sense of humor. They will cannibalize you in no time…even if they are vegetarians…

Now go ahead, take that Alka Seltzer, and breathe deeply.

I have spoken.

NYC August, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010