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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Really? And I have always thought there are into large, black meteorites...

Nice of them. Next - how many Arabs does it take to screw the world?

Saudis to host oil price summit

Car is filled with petrol in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (21.06.08)
Saudi Arabia has said it will boost supply

Saudi Arabia is set to host a meeting of oil producing and consuming nations to discuss soaring oil prices.

The US and other consumers have urged producers to boost supply, blaming lack of capacity for the recent price surge.

Top world supplier Saudi Arabia has made slight increases but says market speculation, not lack of supply, has driven prices to nearly $140 a barrel.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Let's see what kind of hypocrisy is this schmuck talking about?

Maybe his crimes and the Soviet inspired idiocy that have transformed Cuba into East Germany?

As long as Hugo gets the best whores in Havana who have just discovered the cell phones.

Castro condemns EU's 'hypocrisy'

Fidel Castro (l) talks to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (17 June 2008)
Fidel Castro made a rare TV appearance earlier this week

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro has lashed out at the EU's decision to lift sanctions against his country, calling it "an enormous hypocrisy".

He said the move was "disparaging" because it was conditioned on human rights progress in Cuba.

The ailing 81-year-old said the measure came just days after the EU passed a "brutal" law that could jail illegal immigrants up to 18 months.

The EU lifted the sanctions against Cuba in principle on Thursday.

The decision is expected to come into formal effect on Monday. The EU said its move was aimed at encouraging change in Cuba, following Fidel Castro's replacement by his brother Raul in February.

Krishna says - eat your children, after that you can become vegetarian...

Gandhi says - remove your brains and fill that empty space with all kind of useless garbage; who knows, you might be reincarnated as an asshole parent...committing crime, violating the rule of life...

Proud of idiocy in the name of humanity...

India baby girl deaths 'increase'

A girl in Delhi. File photo
There is a cultural preference for male children in India

The number of girls born and surviving in India has hit an all time low compared to boys, ActionAid says.

A report by the UK charity says increasing numbers of female foetuses were being aborted and baby girls deliberately neglected and left to die.

In one site in the Punjab state, there are just 300 girls to every 1,000 boys among higher caste families, it says.

ActionAid says India faces a "bleak" future if it does not end its practice of cultural preference for boys.

Who is this asshole? He has been taxidermed long time ago...

Hypocrisy of the world has no does the double standard...a delirious tyrant is tolerated while others suffer...

Mugabe defiant as MDC mulls poll

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe speaks in Bulawayo on 20 June 2008
President Mugabe blames the opposition for violence

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe says "only God" can remove him from office, as the opposition MDC considers pulling out from a presidential run-off vote.

"The MDC will never be allowed to rule this country," Mr Mugabe said at a rally in the city of Bulawayo.

The MDC will announce on Monday whether it will contest the 27 June poll, a party source has told the BBC.

MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai is said to be under pressure to pull out in view of escalating pre-poll violence.

The MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) says about 70 of its supporters have been killed and 25,000 forced from their homes in a state-sponsored campaign of violence since the first round of the presidential elections in March.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

There you have it. Another red shit hitting the fan...

Next time (soon) all unrepentant will eat their own shit!

Protest at Maoist toilet lock up

Around 4,000 local government workers in Nepal have gone on strike after a Maoist minister locked up an "errant official" in a toilet.

The official had incurred the minister's wrath for allegedly running an illegal stone mine.

Striking workers said that his incarceration inside a toilet was an "inhumane and objectionable act".

But the minister responded by saying that the official now knows what it is like to live in a "foul environment".

Reports from Nepal say that the Minister for Forest and Soil Conservation, Matrika Yadav, locked up Local Development Officer Dandu Raj Ghimire for one and a half hours on Tuesday inside a toilet room.

Mr Ghimire was accused by the recently elected Maoist minister of "violating his order for banning stone mining in the Devichaur area" of the Kathmandu valley.

The minister has accused Mr Ghimire of allowing the illegal mining operation to continue despite frequent requests to ban such activities that were upsetting the locals.

The Local Level Employees Organisation (LLEO) has now called a nationwide strike over the minister's actions. But correspondents say their protest is unlikely to have much impact in the day-to-day administration of the country.

"It is indeed very disgraceful that a senior minister treated a government official in such an objectionable manner, he must apologise for the misconduct," a LLEO spokesman said.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It is time to let them drink their own urine...

Yes, my dear TNSTOP pleasant SUV idiots...if we don't train them now, it might be too late... Let those sheiks ride bicycles around their newly purchased hotels in NYC and wash their cars in Central Park. Next - the halal special - roasted collapsed horse in its own, sultry juice - straight from the colorful carriage...

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Oil at record near $140 a barrel

Worker checks over oil pumps in Iran
There have been calls for increased global oil output

The price of crude oil has hit a new high of close to $140 a barrel in New York trade, despite Saudi Arabia agreeing to increase output in July.

US light crude rose to $139.89 a barrel, surpassing the previous high of $139.12 on 6 June.

The price later fell 25 cents to $134.61 at the end of New York trade.

On Sunday, Saudi Arabia said it would boost production by 200,000 barrels a day next month to meet growing worldwide demand.

That would make a total rise of 550,000 barrels a day, or over 6%, since May and would take Saudi output to its highest monthly rate since August 1981.

The news was announced after UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon met Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi in Jeddah for talks on the high oil price.

The market has got it in its head that we are about to run out of oil, and is looking for negative news
John Hall, oil analyst

Last month, Saudi Arabia increased its production by 300,000 barrels a day.

The country is thought to be the only oil producer with the ability to pump substantially more crude.

It argues that the current high prices are caused by speculators rather than any shortage of crude oil.

Oil prices had fallen by almost $2 on Friday after reports that Saudi Arabia might boost oil production but many believe that this pledge is too little too late to bring down oil prices.