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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Let's see what kind of hypocrisy is this schmuck talking about?

Maybe his crimes and the Soviet inspired idiocy that have transformed Cuba into East Germany?

As long as Hugo gets the best whores in Havana who have just discovered the cell phones.

Castro condemns EU's 'hypocrisy'

Fidel Castro (l) talks to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (17 June 2008)
Fidel Castro made a rare TV appearance earlier this week

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro has lashed out at the EU's decision to lift sanctions against his country, calling it "an enormous hypocrisy".

He said the move was "disparaging" because it was conditioned on human rights progress in Cuba.

The ailing 81-year-old said the measure came just days after the EU passed a "brutal" law that could jail illegal immigrants up to 18 months.

The EU lifted the sanctions against Cuba in principle on Thursday.

The decision is expected to come into formal effect on Monday. The EU said its move was aimed at encouraging change in Cuba, following Fidel Castro's replacement by his brother Raul in February.


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