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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Just insert the tubes into any future mother, my dear Polonium comrades!

And on the first day, the Almighty created vodka
and an open mouth...and about 300 million idiots...
OK...I give up...300 billion...
By the way - is this something new in drunken Mother Russia? How original!
I can already see huge rallies in support of a simple man who is longing to get drunk.
Let them drink Windex and Okena!
What?! They have finished all cleaning products with alcohol in it?
It's OK, they will crawl into a church and will get absolvation for their sins in Cyrillics.
Hey, did you all know that Jesus spoke Russian with Yiddish accent? Now you know...
Plus, you will get the first, free Russian lesson:

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People's vodka' urged for Russia
By Steven Eke
BBC Russian affairs analyst

The head of Russia's union of wine and spirits producers has called on the country's lawmakers to legislate for the introduction of "people's vodka".

Osman Paragulgov says the introduction of a cheap, but safe and regulated drink, would help poorer Russians currently unable to buy genuine vodka.

Russians often turn to substitutes - often with fatal results.

Two Russian men drink vodka. File photo
More than 40,000 died in Russia after drinking fake vodka in 2005...


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