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Monday, November 20, 2006

Really? But we only torture...

China official admits to torture

Chinese official has made a rare admission about the extent of the use of torture in getting convictions in China's courts.

Wang Zhenchuan, Deputy Procurator General, said at least 30 wrong verdicts were handed down each year because torture had been used.

Mr Wang said the real number could be higher, according to state media.

But we only torture mentally retarded, criples, and stupid , stinky peasants.

From time to time we make a mistake and beat the shit out of a 'regular guy' from the street on his way to his business enterprise...just in case... But that doesn't matter as long as you buy things, chachkes Made in China.

Oh, I have almost forgotten! Wanna rent our nuclear multiheaded missile The Glorious Path with a range to the next Milky Way?

Good deal!


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