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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

You don't have to wear a mustache anymore if you want to kick a shit out of almost anyone!!!

Russia police 'regularly torture'

Russian security officials are regularly subjecting detainees to beatings, rape and torture, a report by Amnesty International says.

More than 100 cases were documented in a small number of regions, although Chechnya - where incidences are said to be much higher - was not included.

*Yes, my dear idiots - kicking is back in style again. Has it ever disappeared? You don't have to be a Russian to act stupid and in blatant disregard of impotent domestic and international laws and regulations...

But it really helps...

One mo' zink - where is the international outcry about torture? Ha, do we see the mass demonstrations a la Abu Ghraib case or Guatanamo ?

Of course not... Why should we, right/left? Thank you, humanity...


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