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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Perhaps I and you were asleep...Russia as a criminal state? Unbelievable, you schmucks! Now the bones are rattling from the Urals mountains to the steps of Chookotka...but the real criminals are eating caviar and drinking export vodka, laughing all the way to Kremlin...
Yob vashoo rodinoo!

See BBC World News 11/22/09

Russia 'is now a criminal state', says Bill Browder

Investment specialist Bill Browder says Russia is "essentially a criminal state"

Russia has now turned into a "criminal state", according to the man who was once its leading foreign investor.
Bill Browder of Hermitage Capital was reacting to the news that his lawyer had died in prison in Russia after being held for a year without charge.
He told the BBC that his lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, had effectively been "held hostage and they killed their hostage."
Through Hermitage Capital Bill Browder campaigned against corruption at some of Russia's largest companies.
Russian officials say they are investigating Mr Magnitsky's death.

He was their hostage and they killed their hostage by denying him medical attention
Bill Browder, Hermitage Capital
In 2005 Mr Browder was banned from Russia as a threat to national security, after allegations that his firms evaded tax, but Mr Browder says his company was targeted by criminals trying to seize millions of pounds worth of his assets.
Mr Browder says he was punished for being a threat to corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.
Since then, a number of Mr Browder's associates in Russia - as well as lawyers acting for his company - have been detained, beaten or robbed.
Before the accusations of tax evasion were raised, for many years Mr Browder had been one of the most outspoken defenders of the Russian government and its then-president Vladimir Putin.


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