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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It is OK for Mohammed to...

While we sleep and relax, dream and snore, getting fat and lazy - there is another world out there, concerned having sex with children and get away with it. Czech out and watch this You tube real-life video where pretty disgusting looking Muslim cleric seriously debates the legitimacy of Mohammed's sexual obsession with small children.
Now, I am a pretty reasonable person who tend to believe in decency and affections when done appropriately - or whatever - 2 adults consensually come to an erotic conclusion and have sex, halleluya + hossanahahaha!
No other religion as far as I know - approves sexual exploitation of adolescent victims - not even on Mars. Well, some Catholic schmucks can't resist young blood, pretending it's Christ's blood, helping them to get closer to Resurrection. They are obsessed with virginity, partially because of immaculate erection of bunch of old kakes in Vatican, puffing out holy farts. That in itself is a pretty disgusting description, nicht war? Hey, so if the present Pope could be in the Hitlerjugend, how come it is not OK for a devout Muslim to blow him/herself and take with him/her a number of innocent bystanders. Trust me folks, there are no innocent bystanders in those God's forpissen countries such as Awfulistan and Fuckistan, Slimy Avocadia, I-ran therefore I-step into fresh nuclear shit, Eyjude, Seriozia?, Le bank-ya, Torturia, Libidia and others (wow, I had to work really hard on these ones...), wait, Shiteria and Sonofbitcheria...
The Romans were lucky - they had vomitariums, we got news, stupid movies with perfect sound systems, baggy pants brain-misers, fuzzy humanity, different forms of manias, Medoff-i-ass, anorexic hugely paid scarecrows and Jesus appearing everywhere - in the Bronx spit, pigeon kaka, homeless' yellow snow, discarded matza, recycling condoms and more.
I did not got carried away yet...all I want to say is - watch this video (copy and paste it if necessary)- and pray, shout, scream, jump and yell - because next time it is not going to be Hollywood sci-fi IQ -05 with stinky pop-corn and sticky seats, but stinky reality of the religion that essentially its very base is having sex with minor. And you still wanna be religious?
Major Oy! Trust me...


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