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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My poem, my all this...

Gabriel A. Levicky


This world, yeah - is a fiery
Bowling alley.
My heart and soul
Bounce around like
Soon to be lifeless sacrifice.
Where is the Big Flood
When we need one?
To cleanse us
Of our limitations
And insults to animals.
The weakness of my screams
Is due to a very few who care to listen.
I am losing and gaining
Every day
Until the point of boredom.
I’ve laughed for so long
That there is no room
For calculated sadness.
I wonder what the mirrors say
When it is their time.
Yes. I got it!
When death is really absent,
We do everything to invent it
Continue to build the pyramids
Out of yellowish skulls
With missing teeth.
Sorry, I didn’t ask to be here.
All I want is to hitchhike
To that autumn leaf
Blend in with an inevitable.

The Bronx, on the subway n. 1 - January 2009


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