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Monday, December 29, 2008

Send Taliban to Gaza - they need more destruction!

So when the islamo-fascist fanatics are killing (their own), the world is silent. That's the pattern I can't accept and will eventually cost us our ability to reason and argue in democratic fashion...
Read more about it in AP release...

Scenic Pakistani valley falls to Taliban militants

By NAHAL TOOSI, Associated Press Writer Nahal Toosi, Associated Press Writer – 40 mins ago
Suicide bomber kills dozens in Pakistan Play Video AP – Suicide bomber kills dozens in Pakistan

Pakistani Taliban militants publicly flog an alleged narcotic smuggler in Charbagh in Pakistan's troubled …

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Taliban militants are beheading and burning their way through Pakistan's picturesque Swat Valley, and residents say the insurgents now control most of the mountainous region far from the lawless tribal areas where jihadists thrive.

The deteriorating situation in the former tourist haven comes despite an army offensive that began in 2007 and an attempted peace deal. It is especially worrisome to Pakistani officials because the valley lies outside the areas where al-Qaida and Taliban militants have traditionally operated and where the military is staging a separate offensive.

"You can't imagine how bad it is," said Muzaffar ul-Mulk, a federal lawmaker whose home in Swat was attacked by bomb-toting assailants in mid-December, weeks after he left. "It's worse day by day."


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