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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Leave or convert? Oh, yeah, the 12th century is back or it never left...

Just a sweet reminder of the origins of religion...First they create all that nosense,second they steal it and transform it into a deadly dogma... » International » Article
Dec 22, 2008 19:34 | Updated Dec 22, 2008 20:25
'I warned Jews to convert or leave'
The suspected murderer of Yemeni Jew Moshe Yaish Nahari told a court on Monday that he had warned Jews to convert to Islam or leave the country and that if they didn't, he would kill them.

The court ordered the suspect, Abdel Aziz Yehia Hamoud al-Abdi, to go for a psychiatric examination to determine if he is competent to stand trial.

The lawyers for the accused had appealed that he was mentally unfit and that he had no understanding of what he had done. They claimed that he had recently also killed his wife.

Judge Abdel Bari Oqba adjourned the trial until a report about al-Abdi's mental health is made.

Al-Abdi allegedly gunned down Nahari, a teacher at the yeshiva in Raydah, on Dec. 11.

Nahari was one of the roughly 400 remaining Jews still living in Yemen, mostly in Raydah, a small town north of the capital San'a.

Yemen was once home to about 50,000 Jews in the early 1950s, but most emigrated to Israel.


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