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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Only a letter, but wow...


Gabriel A. Levicky

Imagine, one day you will receive this or similar type of a letter from your local “cultural center”:

Dear Unbelieving Dog,

After many hours of deliberation and in-depth immersion into our More than Holy Book, we have arrived to the firm conclusion that you and similar types like you should move out of our neighborhood and go to another country of your choice.
We will even provide a free GPS guidance system for your easy orientation and fast departure.
You have 2 months to heed this friendly warning. After that period, we won’t guarantee your personal safety and rights to your property.
Should you still resist this friendly advice, our special commandoes will start to implement their specialized skills.
Remember, you might be beheaded, quartered, stoned, poked-eyed, arms cut off and/or all of the above.
Important, please don’t forget - on your way out - to leave all your possession, bank accounts and the keys from your properties at the City Hall’s Lost & Found department!!!
With greetings – You know Who Akbar!

Your friendly neighborhood Cultural Center.

Cc: City’s Mayor

Just to balance this latest ridiculous situation, regarding the so-called cultural center, let me quote a statement by Herbert Muller a late professor of history from his excellent, brilliant, historical analysis book The Uses of the Past that quite blatantly exposes religious idiocy that only now – after more than 400 years - we all can safely laugh at with goose bumps all over our body…

“The cult of relics illustrates the remarkable fertility of medieval imagination. Among the offerings for sale, or on display in the churches we hear of vials of the Virgin’s milk or St. Joseph breath, hairs from Noah’s beard, dung from Job’s heap, a bit of the bush in which God spoke to Moses, hay from the stall in Bethlehem, fragments of the loaves and fishes multiplied by Christ, and countless other souvenirs of the Lord – his teeth, sweat, tears, umbilical cord, etc. Since no church could be complete without a relic, and many owned hundreds, the total must have run into millions; but the competition led to considerable duplication and in no time to deal with skepticism. As early as the 12th century Guibert, Abbot of Nogent, was troubled by the discovery that at least two churches owned the head of John the Baptist. In France alone, five churches claimed possession of the authentic relic of the Lord’s circumcision.”


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