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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yeah, ze blooz...

Gabriel A. Levicky

(Post-election Blues)

Sure. They put him up there.
On a pedestal of sudden miracles.
Tears for sale.
Shining from far away.
Kids wet from kisses.
Parents on their knees.
Holding their shivering hands across the globe.
Oui, Ja, Si, Áno !
Hey, the dogs barking in unison,
Sniffing some meals.
Women restless nights
Jealous husbands’ resignation.
For extra…
You can order
Marvelous mornings
Incredible eves.
Birds waiting in queues
To be fed.
Handsome God,
Can’t close his tired 3rd eye,
Singing a seductive hymn.
One little step off the pedestal
All out there are ready to
Crucify him…

NYC, November ‘08


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