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Sunday, November 11, 2007

The truth about the Death Cult

The truth about the Death Cult

Gabriel A. Levicky

Recent events in so ‘popular’ a country like Pakistan (which for the lack of better description, I General-ly call Fuckistan) and its neighbor Afghanistan (Awfulistan – see Jews for Jihad ranting on the blog spot:, have repeatedly convinced me that the West is hopelessly and indecisively entangled in a struggle with a nightmarish terror and there is no end to it.

By now, all of us should realized (except perhaps that ‘village idiot’ in the W.H.) that military might alone is not able to fight and slay multiple-headed death-cult dragon, called Islamic extremism.

This is precisely the point where many experts appear as if heading a prodigal blind chain of confused and disoriented marchers. The apologists and supporters of this extremely anti-human theology, keep insisting on ‘softening’ the hard and cruel reality by various proclamations and relativism – and here lays the core of the problem.

It seems to me that more and more expert-clowns are performing a drunken tightrope dancing, shrieking: Islam is a peaceful religion! It has been also called one of ‘the great religions’ – on the background of frantic drumbeat of our freaky allies Wahhabists and antagonists, halal cave dwellers, who sporadically but effectively are issuing public video messages in which they truly exposing what they stand for and what do they want to accomplish.

I have neither a desire nor ambitions to be coined as a religion basher or a fanatic opponent of those fascist medievalists of that “truly great religion”. I do oppose all religions, but Islam is way high on my list of deserved scorn for one reason only – as an independent mind and a rebel, I naturally oppose any sign of oppression and manipulation.

The historic reference that I am about to expose here is not my invention or hallucination. These are, like it or not, academically supported and collected facts, based on serious scientific research and available historic references and documents. For example, some references are from the era before expansion of Islam, exposing among many things, the first dissidents, the opponents of the founder of this death cult – who, of course in true fashion of every megalomaniac, immediately after his ascent to power and greed (from robbing lucrative caravans), comfortably, openly slaughtered his imaginary or real enemies.

Unless you are a cynic and hated history lectures – you can’t deny it.

In his book “WHY I AM NOT A MUSLIM”, a former Muslim, a.k.a. Ibn Warraq (who has adopted a name of one of the free grand, independent mind of his time - Al Warraq, who for his opposition to Islam, was banished from the Caliphate and died in exile in 909, among many victims of intolerant, religious persecution.) Warraq exposes the primitive and destructive aspects of Islam as a religion and philosophy – by presenting fact after fact, supported by the available evidence. He is using a phenomenal method of dissecting the origins, symptoms, and development of this cult.

Let’s examine one chapter titled Political Assassinations; The Massacre of the Jews. (See attached zipped file below) On the page 91, Ibn Warraq meticulously and mercilessly exposes the cruel, barbaric, and sadistic nature of these desert men who embraced the new faith, adopted stolen ideas from the surrounding cultures, molding them to their immediate needs. After their ‘conversion’, they went on killing spree of their natural or perceived enemies – following their modus vivendi from the time immemorial. Just as every bloodthirsty tyrant does, so did Muhammad – waiting until consolidating the power-grab and only then went on to hunt down those who dared not to join his group or directly opposing and mocking him.

These are scanned pages and it is important for you to read them carefully, these are cold, scary facts, illuminating the long, bloody history of this death cult, right from the start. For here are the seeds of today’s conflict between the Jews (the West) and the Arabs (the Muslim world).

Fasten your seat, emotional belts!

(Please open a selected doc after doc; if not able to do so, check out the whole book from your local library – it’s a phenomenal work!)


So there you have it - the real face of this cult, regardless of how many times they attempted to repaint it with green color. It is red, very red, bloody red.

One has to wonder – why the essence and deeds of this cult were/not declared as the public enemy of humanity, by all respected organizations, starting from the UN, down to various NGOs.

Instead, plenty of defenders and apologists of this cult are trying to accuse those pointing their fingers as real villains. It’s mind-boggling and suicidal to see some leading academicians, and many other public figures to bypass their criticism of Islam for the sake of the forced PC stand.

Despite a few Muslim critics who, of course are ostracized and threatened by their own fanatics, general Muslim population apparently supports extremism in many ways – from obvious silence to position of false solidarity. Never mind Darfur and other arenas of conflict. Never mind hostile, aggressive, and disrespectful Jew-bashing of the head of the state, member of the UN – sporting Islamic republic title. Never mind rhetoric and acts of many Muslim fanatics, kidnappers, killers, robbers, and head cutters. The argument that not all of them are like a small group of terror spreaders, is invalid in the face of overwhelming statistics and reality. Plus, you don’t witness any protest demonstrations in support of the victims of terror or against religious fanaticism and intolerance - in any major Arab or Muslim cities.

For all those - not even the pieces of human flesh scattered on the pavements of Europe (England, Spain) - as a result of the Muslim terrorist actions, their death-penalty threats of stubborn writers (S. Rushdie, O. Fallaci), killing or threatening of the opposition politicians in their own, native or adopted countries (like Pim Fortuyn, Ayaan Hirsi Ali) – is not good enough proof. They will use a concept - it's all relative, unable to admit that it’s fear that motivates their voluntary blindness. They will go on supporting those murderers and plotters, despite the obvious results. They are indeed those ‘useful idiots’; they will be the first one to go.

What shall we do when one day we will wake up facing, forced utopian, autocracy, and destructive theocracy – the rule of death cult, pretending to be the defender of life?


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