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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Idiocy Approval Seal - IAS contest

If you can prove that your a bigger idiot than the one sitting next to you...
Temporary winner is a large, extreme Islamists community that has been involved in torching almost half of this planet.
During this mad period, I've heard accusations by many Muslims: 'that we (the West) don't understand their culture. They call us "the Crusaders". Doesn't this shows their total ignorance (arrogance too) of our culture ?
When was the last time you or I were sitting on an armored horse in full regalia trying to attack a mosque and rape their women?
The quote of this week:
The only solution to our complex problems is to read (every day) indispensable Jew For Jihad, orgasmization (further only JFJ, org.) proclamations (published in this blog) by your Emir Gabpashaberger, the founder and destroyer of JFJ, org. If this doesn't help, then it is hopeless...
A few thoughts about music. I don't care what type of music you prefer or even listen! - but if you have not been listening to the most underappreciated genius of the modern American music - Frank Zappa - you are out for lunch...
So, when in doubt and/or pain, allow yourselves to be 'tortured' by my fellow 'out-there' traveler Frank Zappa (or in Czech Frantisek Zappovsky).
His music generally confirms this writer's absolute idiotic assumption that everybody is an idiot and if not yet - you are on a good way to become one...


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